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marketing your home for sale boards

In this era of digital marketing and social media, having a corrugated plastic board outside your home advertising it as ‘For Sale’ might seem, frankly, antiquated.

We sometimes hear from clients that they’d rather not have a board outside their property. Some feel it may affect the kerb appeal of their home, whilst others would rather not advertise to their neighbours that they are on the market. Whatever the reason for your reluctance it’s important to remember that boards are still a key part of a modern marketing strategy for a good estate agent. Here’s why.

They increase visibility of your home

Much like a well laid out shop window, a For Sale board is an effective way to attract the attention of potential buyers searching in the area for a new property. You’d be surprised at how many enquiries come in from buyers who have been viewing a different property in the nearby area and have spotted a board outside a home. Letting potential buyers know that your property is for sale and who it’s on the market with is a quick and easy way to ensure they’re able to get in touch to book a viewing - it really is that simple.

They’re great for branding

Boards are, of course, a great advert for your estate agent too. You may be wondering why that should be any of your concern, however assisting your chosen estate agent in increasing their visibility and establishing a stronger presence in the local community will also help you sell your property. You want buyers to think of your chosen agent when searching for a property and also to feel reassured that your property is being marketed and sold by a reputable agent.

It encourages direct contact between buyer and agent

Boards can encourage direct contact between potential buyers and your chosen agent. Whilst online listings on platforms such as Rightmove are effective, buyers often send multiple enquiries at once and responses can get lost in their inboxes no matter how timely they are. If a buyer sees the board outside your home and makes direct contact, your agent can book them in for a viewing on the spot and get the ball rolling much faster. A win for both buyer and seller!

They can increase credibility of the sale

The internet is a fantastic tool in marketing your property, however it’s not uncommon for buyers to enquire on properties that are advertised as For Sale online only to find out that the property is no longer available which can make for a frustrating process. Seeing your board is a clear sign that the property is available and ready for viewings.

They can give competitive advantage

Having a board outside your house could give your property a competitive advantage over similar properties for sale in your area that aren’t using this method of marketing. Having a board outside your home can create a sense of urgency among potential buyers and encourage them to move quickly and book a viewing.