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When you’re renting a property, it can be harder to make it feel like home. Here’s our top tips on how to put your own creative stamp on your rental, without leaving a permanent mark.

Furnish it up

Without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to get a rental property to start feeling like your own is by filling it with furniture and furnishings that reflect your style and taste. If the property is already furnished it might be worth asking the landlord if they’re happy for you to replace bigger pieces with your own. If this isn’t possible, smaller pieces such as brightly coloured cushions, throws and rugs can transform a space and have it feeling like home in no time.

Give it a glow-up

Lighting can make a huge difference to a home and whilst you won’t be able to do much about the permanent fixtures, adding lamps throughout your home can make it feel instantly cosier. You could also look at replacing the light bulbs with softer lighting or adding temporary lamp shades to ceiling lights. Just remember to keep hold of the original bulbs so you can restore the house to its original state when it’s time to move on.

Add some art

Artwork and photographs can make such a difference to a home, giving it that truly personal touch. There are some great options for hanging art without leaving any damage on walls such as command hooks and picture strips. However it’s really important to get your landlord’s permission before you go ahead, even with these options.

If you get the thumbs up you could even try some removable wallpaper or stickers to give your home a really unique feel that is totally temporary.

Embrace the lean

If your landlord would prefer you left the walls untouched, why not try propping big prints against the wall. This also works for large mirrors too. When placed artistically these can look intentional rather than unfinished and leaves your walls good to go when you move out. A win-win.

Get green fingered

Filling your house with potted plants can transform a space and the best part is, you can take them all with you when you leave. Not only can they improve the look of your living space but house plants have been touted to improve our health too. Opt for easy to care for plants that thrive in an indoor climate such as the Swiss Cheese Plant, Rubber Plant, Kentia Palm and the Peace Lily.

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