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So what can you do to make your garden an attractive prospect that could add value to your home? Here’s our top tips.

Keep it maintained

It sounds obvious but some basic maintenance goes a long way when it comes to your garden. Keeping your lawn mowed, weeding flower beds and treating your decking to a fresh stain can make a huge difference to a potential buyer. You could even go one step further and give your fence a lick of paint.

Invest in a landscaper

If you want to get serious about your outdoor area, or you have a sizeable garden you could invest in a landscaper to help you make sense of the layout. Separating a large outdoor space into clear zones can make it much more attractive for potential buyers. You could consider installing a water feature or a kitchen garden or simply install some good quality paving to divide the space.

Install an outbuilding

Adding an outbuilding such as a self contained office or gym could add a lot of value to your property. However if you’re not able to consider a project as large as this, just a simple garden shed could add value as it offers extra storage and space in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Add some extras

Eye-catching plant pots, colourful flower beds and tasteful garden furniture can all make a big difference in adding value to your garden.

Deck the floors

Investing in good quality decking or patio can go a long way in adding value to a garden, as they make for great al fresco dining or entertainment areas. Adding some good quality garden lighting and staging your furniture could help a buyer picture themselves spending time outside on those long summer evenings.

Consider privacy and security

Outdoor space is fantastic news to a buyer with pets or the need to store bikes or gardening equipment. However, they’ll also be keen to make sure the space is secure. Replacing rusty garden gates and securing any holes in the fence will help with this, along with investing in some locks for outbuildings and garden entrances.

Similarly no one enjoys being overlooked whilst they’re trying to relax in their garden, so have a think about your outdoor space. Is there any way you can make it more private? Adding ornamental trees or hedges might be a good idea if it doesn’t incur too large of an expense - it’ll go a long way to helping your buyer imagine themselves enjoying a peaceful afternoon in their new garden.

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