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Take a step back

Before you do anything it’s worth stepping back and thinking about the flow of your space. How easy is your kitchen to use? Are there any pain points you could fix that would make a big difference? You might have got used to the lack of storage or the fact that the dishwasher is too far from the sink but simply moving an appliance or rejigging cupboard space could make all the difference. Looking at your kitchen with fresh eyes is a great way to prioritise what changes you want to make and can really help manage the budget too.

Give it a lick

A lick of paint, that is. You’d be amazed at the difference a deep clean followed by a fresh coat of paint can make to a space. Invest in a cleaning company to remove any hard to reach food splatters or countertop stains and then consult your local paint shop to find a light, airy colour that complements your appliances for that new kitchen feel on a much smaller budget!

Let there be light

No one wants to entertain in a dimly lit kitchen. Equally harsh overhead lighting can also be off-putting. Take a look at the placement and quality of your lighting in your kitchen to ensure you’re getting a bright, airy feel throughout. Not only can good lighting make your kitchen seem bigger but it can improve the functionality too.

Update your hardware

New handles for your cupboards are a small expense that pack a big punch when it comes to updating your kitchen. Make sure they’re in-keeping with the style of your kitchen; a more traditional kitchen might benefit from some beautiful antique-style brass handles whilst sleek chrome handles could give a modern space a much needed facelift.


It might sound overly simple but getting rid of accumulated clutter can make an enormous difference to a space, especially a kitchen. Overflowing cupboards or shelves stuffed with knick knacks gives the impression of inadequate storage space. Investing in some food storage containers can transform a pantry whilst leaving open space on shelving can make the space look intentional and stylish.

Remember, the kitchen should be a welcoming space that is easy to navigate and to entertain in. For more tips on how to add value to your home or how to prep your home for sale, our expert team are on hand to help, every step of the way.

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