HJC were amazing. They were professional but personable, were proactive without being pushy. I have bought/sold a number of houses and wouldn’t use anyone else. My new local agents can’t compare.


At HJC we believe that openness and honesty is, not only on show from the start, but continues throughout the process from marketing and viewing to negotiating and progressing. There are no questions we are not prepared to answer and we will not be afraid to tell you what needs to be said even if it is something we know may not be welcome. It is this sharing of information and knowledge of our business which we believe sets us apart from any other agent and goes some way to demonstrating our desire to change the way people see estate agents.

There are many types of agents, large, small, online. There may be merits in all types and there may be compatibility with one type due to the way you are and previous experiences you may have had. But the best way to make this key decision, which can drastically affect the outcome, positively or negatively depending on the choice, is for there to be total transparency up front and at all subsequent stages of selection.