Treat others as we would like to be treated

When we take on a new member of the team I emphasise that we put the client at the centre of everything we do. I am confident we stick to this always. I know if we do then we will achieve the ultimate goal and in the process deliver on our promises. But how does it actually work, putting the client centre stage at all times? Well, simply put, it revolves around the golden rule we all know. Treat others as we would like to be treated. This begins and ends with telling the truth.

  • Explain the market in real terms.
  • Not creating a false impression.
  • Being sensible on price and backing it up with real evidence
  • Honest and open feedback – why wouldn’t we tell it how it has been told to us?
  • Don’t tie the client down – HJC do not impose a “lock-in”

We are human beings

At HJC we do all of the above and we do it naturally. It is not something which needs to be trained. I recruit people who want to behave properly. We come to work in offices in our marketplace and this is vital, because we want our clients and customers to be able to visit us, sit with us so we can listen and help. Face to face has to be better than being in the cloud when it comes to such life changing decisions.

But I know there will always be something which can go wrong when moving. After all we are human beings dealing with difficult negotiations on behalf of human beings to other human beings. Which is why it is so imperative to make the right choice. I have set out to create the gold standard and after 18 years I feel I have achieved this by making sure we do what we said we would.Jay