Jay’s though of the week #2

“Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left? There are still five – because there’s a difference between deciding and doing.” Where is the best place to start when planning to move? Maybe this is not as blindingly obvious as it seems. Too often people start the … Continued

Jay’s thought of the week #1

One of my daughters has just started a new job at Amazon. She sent me an email and the signature includes the motto “work hard, have fun, change the world”.  I like this. Jeff Bezos is a clever guy so it is no surprise he has managed to sum up his company’s culture so clearly … Continued

Treat others as we would like to be treated

HJC’s recent rebrand has incorporated a new slogan “Higher Values”. Double meanings are used for different purposes. Humour, satire, marketing. But other than the obvious play on property and value, what is it we are saying about our identity, our culture which is summed up by these two words? When we take on a new … Continued

Budget leaves generous tax breaks for investors – for now

Many buy-to-let investors feel like they’re in the Government’s firing line at the moment, as a raft of new rules seem designed to make renting out a property less appealing. There were no new announcements in the Budget but a significant change to buy-to-let taxation  will be phased in from next month. From next month, … Continued

I work with fabulous people!

I consider myself particularly fortunate. I have friends who have their own businesses and feel they spend most of their time on staffing issues often negatively. I don’t have this problem. I work with some fabulous people, most of whom have been with me for many years. I am proud of them because while I … Continued

A big thank you to my team!

I would like to thank my team, in Thames Ditton and Surbiton, for all their hard work this year helping so many people move house. In these uncertain and unsettled times, they have always acted caringly and professionally, putting the needs of our clients first. I am constantly reminded how moving ended up being much … Continued