The Lettings Manager’s thoughts on the rental market…

Over the Christmas period rentals saw a reduction in prices. The first time in a long time. This impact initially happened in London and has spread throughout the South East. Most are saying this started with Brexit, but my thoughts are prices couldn’t keep increasing at the rate they were going. Incomes weren’t rising and therefore tenants had no option but to move. The correction has seen many tenants renew for further years. Prices are now back to some sense of normality having levelled out. Any stock that has come on at the right price, is flying out the door. As we know, Surbiton and surrounding areas are in a bubble where people want to live. Always a great place if looking for a buy to let. I look forward to seeing what happens as the sun comes back out.

Hannah Bergin
Lettings Manager
020 8390 9290

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